scavenger hunt winners

Briefly popping in to state the winners of the giveaway!  Are you ready?  Rafflecopter says that . . .

Allison Gerwitz


Elizabeth Rose

are the winners!  I may or may not have gotten terribly excited about the latter winner, and then on further investigation (a.k.a. visiting Facebook page) discovered that Allison is one of the fellow reenactors of my dear Em.  All in all, a very exciting end to the scavenger hunt for me!  Though I find it funny that I now understand what people mean when they say that they wish everyone could have won.

Anyhow, congratulations Allison and Lizzy!  You'll receive emails from me very soon. ^.^

Thank you to all the participants.  You made this scavenger hunt so fun, and I hope you stick around to watch the journey of Cry of Hope as it continues it way through the blogging world.


  1. Congratulations, Allison and Elizabeth!! The scavenger hunt was so fun to participate in, Emily. =) Thank YOU for using God's gift of writing and creating this wonderful book for us to enjoy! Can't wait to see what He's going to do with Cry of Hope and your future writings!