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A long, long while back, Abigail posted an interesting post (which isn't at all surprising).  She compared her characters to elements and was inspired to do so by some show or another, which I care little to nothing about and is completely unrelated to this post itself.  The point is the characters and the elements.

Give me a moment to catch my breath.

Anyhow, I thought it would be loads of fun to do so with the characters of Cry of Hope.  Please bear with me as I hammer out my ideas.

Abigail compared these traits with these elements, and I think she did a quite fine job, so we'll use her method:

fire - impulsiveness; quick temper; passion; magnetism; ambition

earth - stability; strength; stubbornness; dignity; pessimism

water - constancy; loyalty; sensitivity; idealism; discretion

air - imagination; humor; optimism; spontaneity; enthusiasm

Hope Ellison - fire.  I would have to say fire.  At first I wasn't so sure I liked this comparison, but she possesses most of the traits of fire.  She's rather impulsive and passionate.  Ambition, not so much, but she can be drawn into an ambition of somethin' fierce if she's been properly inspired.  As for magnetism, I cannot say she draws others to herself as much as she is drawn to others.

John Ellison - water and air.  He is most definitely constant and loyal.  And he is sensitive, I believe, though he handles himself quite well.  He has ideals.  Just look at his glowing visions for the New World.  And as for air, he is quite the optimistic fellow; rather enthusiastic on most occasions; and as for humor, oh, yes. ^.^

Joshua Mansforth - earth.  Definitely earth.  One of his key traits is stability and strength.  And he's pretty darn stubborn at times, too.  He is more dignified than John, I suppose, but dignity is not the first thought that comes to mind regarding him.  Pessimism is not his cuppa tea.

Patience Danford - . . . air.  Explanation will not be made.  You must read the book.

Constance Robinson - water and air.  I've always thought there was some sort of connection with she and John's personalities.  It just now occurred to me that they are very much alike.  How funny.

Father - fire.  Rather interesting discovery.  He and Hope are rather a lot alike.  Too much alike.  Oh, this is making perfect sense!  (You know I'm having loads of fun with this, don't you?)

Mother - fire and earth.  They rather cancel one another out, I suppose.  Who would have combined a flighty personality with a strong, stable spirit?  I created a queer character . . .

Squanto - earth.  Definitely earth.

I hope to use this method to help develop my new characters' personalities in my next novel as well. ^.^

what elements best fit your characters?


  1. I love this Emily!! :D It is a fun way of 'analyzing' characters for sure. Ooooh, I would have you know that 'Cry of Hope' arrived in the mail this week, and I have started reading it this afternoon!! I am already quite certain I am going to totally love your novel... :).

    Your style, and the story... and the characters *nods* they are very much the kind of thing I love in a good book <3 So excited!!!

  2. What would be real interesting would be what element you think you are...Papa

  3. This is so neat! I'll have to try it out on my characters!

  4. Joy :: It was a really fun post to put together! And ooooooh, I am so excited! ^.^ I'm so happy you think you'll like it, and I truly hope you do!

    Papa :: That would actually be a rather difficult one... hmm...

    Em :: Yes, you should try it! It's loads of fun. :)

  5. *likes muchly*

    I can't wait to read your book someday, Emily. :)

    I can definitely see Squanto as "earth"....

    I should do this with the characters from my fantasy WIP.....