Take a moment to imagine summer free of Internet distractions. Imagine the summer heat reflecting off the roads; instead of huddling inside with our computer screens and iPhones, imagine us planning escapades with groups of friends (like a Color War or a swimming expedition or dances or even sleepovers full of pillow fights and the long lost pleasures of yester-year). Imagine us camping with siblings in the back yard with bonfires for roasting marshmallows and many choruses of laughter. Imagine us dancing in the rain, hiding out in blanket forts when it storms, and reading in a cosy nook instead of surfing Pinterest in a cosy nook. Imagine us failing to watch Netflix every night but choosing to stargaze and think and pray. Imagine us trotting up to the pool more often or running through the sprinkler or experimenting in the kitchen. Imagine us taking the time to write real encouraging notes to dear friends and sending it through the post instead of through Gmail. Imagine us spending more time with the people we love and less time with the people on the Internet.

Somehow I get the feeling that by the time the summer ends, we wouldn't be regretting this course of action, no matter how difficult it may be. We may miss blogging giveaways and blog announcements. We may miss the excitement of meeting new people on the blogosphere and we may experience the pain of losing followers. We may feel pressured to keep up the online scene so that we won't lose what "popularity" we may have gained. But, somehow, I feel that in the end, we would leave the summer feeling more content with the way we chose to spend our time. Somehow I feel that we would leave the summer having accomplished more, having grown in relationships more, having taken the bother to delve into the things that matter most.

I'm considering taking an entire, complete break from the Internet this summer. No emailing. No blogging. No surfing for fun. And instead stretching my creativity to do other things. This isn't an announcement saying "farewell, I'm gone for the summer starting right now, ta-ta." It's just saying that I'm considering it, and I'm wondering...

who's with me?

last time

Because I am obviously struggling to write something beautiful, I may as well look like I exist on the blogosphere by answering a questionnaire of my own making.

Last movie you saw in theaters.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I don't care what everyone says, Cap is the bestest and better than Bucky (and it was a horror that stealed my heart when I sawed who that Winter Soldier was). But Cap is my bestest.

Last book you finished.

Veiled Rose.

Let's just say that the Tales of Goldstone Wood aren't as bad as I once thought them, but they aren't my favorite. However, I am intrigued enough to want to read Moonblood.

Last blog post you read.

This one, I believe.

Last store you visited.

Walmart. Of course.

Last friend you spoke to.

Elizabeth Rose.

I make my own rules on this questionnaire, and I say that it could be either verbally spoken or typedly spoken. In this case, it was typedly spoken.

Last YouTube video you watched.

This one. I was stalking Jess' blog, and being a Southern American, I cannot resist watching a cute video in which the stars are British New Zealanders. I love their accents.

Last food you ate.

I had a tiny handful of trail mix, making sure there was an M&M mixed in. But don't worry, I really don't eat like a bird, no matter how this sounds.

Last food you craved.

A banana split. (See? I'm really a pig.)

Last Instagram account you stalked.

I think it was my friend Cara's. (Shh, don't tell her.)

Last movie you watched at home.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

Don't judge. And I personally think I would do an excellent job portraying Sam Sparks. My little sister even has a stuffed strawberry (don't worry, it died a natural death) that would be perfect for Berry. If I didn't already have a dress to cosplay as Amy March for the costume ball I'm attending this weekend (whew, that was a mouthful), I would go as Sam. Indubitably.

Last person you said hello to.

My mom? Probably?

Last person you said goodbye to.

My brother? Probably? Don't worry, he's back now.

Last person you longed to see.

My best friend Lynn. (Note that when I say best friend I mean one of my best friends. I have several.)

Last thing you wore on your feet.

My sister's flip flops. I couldn't find mine.

Last thing you wore on your head.

I wore a bandanna wrapped around a messy bun. Does that count? Sure, it does. I'm the one making the rules for this questionnaire anyway.

Last song you listened to.

This cover of "Happy" by Cimorelli and Tyler Ward.

Last time you procrastinated.

I'm doin' it.

Last independently published book you purchased.

Fly Away Home. You should buy it, too.

Last book you borrowed from someone.

The Lord of the Rings. I borrowed it from a man from my church and have had it for about six months now. Oops.

Last time you painted your nails.

A long, long time ago. Shame, shame, shame.

hopefully i'll actually find inspiration to do a pretty post soon. see? i can't even write right. pretty? really? oh, dear. toodle-pip, darlings.