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1 :: My OCD is tingling, too. I can't figure out how to center that YouTube video. I'm very sorry. (Just kidding, thanks to the genius of my friend, it's been fixed.)

2 :: No, I'm not begging you to follow me on Bloglovin'. They just made me do that to claim my blog. I'm very sorry.

3 :: Thank you muchly, Rachel, for letting me steal an exact replica of your idea without asking. ^.^

4 :: Those who watch Psych... you'll be laughing, probably, at this point. Regarding the bananas.

5 :: The last picture ought to hint at what I've been thinking about lately. (Five Enchanted Roses, anyone?)


  1. I have not seen How To Train Your Dragon 2 yet....Haley really wants to see it....is it out on DVD yet? Five Enchanted Roses!! That just makes me happy. =) To center the youtube video, go to your post and click on HTML. Put < center > at the beginning of the embedded code of the video and < center / > at the end. But there shouldn't be spaces between the < and center or the / and center and >. You know what I mean? I just had to do that because blogger wouldn't let me publish this with HTML stuff going on. Anyway, I think that should work. =)

    1. It's not on DVD yet; it's still in theaters, actually! And thanks so much for that info!! I'll have to go back and fix that, because it's really driving me crazy. O.o

  2. Such a fun post! I love that song. Haha, and I love that meme! Sometimes I forget that Big Head Kid is Jordan...he's so good at getting into character!

    1. Isn't he? I practically begged him to let Big Head Kid come to the convention, and he claimed Kelli was going to bring him -- but he never showed up. :/ (Cough, cough... that may or may not have been stated just for the sheer purpose of bragging. I'm gonna have to tone this down... ;))

      And isn't that song just delicious?? ^.^

      Thanks for commenting, m'dear!

  3. A somewhat different blog post. I like it. Papa

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