luminescence stolen

The light had broken from between the clouds and it stirred not a soft sigh of sympathy in the archer's heart. She lifted the Arrow to her bow and let the taut string play with her fingertips. This Arrow was weightless. She lifted her eyes to the sunlight -- the sharp light sent tremors through her unfeeling veins -- and she swallowed a swollen breath. She jerked back the string and the Arrow streamed from the bow. It punctured the light with an effortless whisper of air.

Then the light fell. It fell to the ground, and every colour blinded the archer as her bewitched sight remained glazed and frozen. She slowly dropped her bow to the ground -- the ground that was suddenly gone. The light erupted around her, enfolding her every part with luminescence. Then she fell. She fell, her feet tumbling up and around her. And as she fell, she remembered.

Then there was nothing at all.


  1. You're such an amazing writer, Em!! =)

  2. Gee whiz, you're a good writer. This piece gave me chills, Em. <3

  3. Dear Emily, this piece of writing is so intense and gripping - I wonder where it will go! Will you finish it, my dear? You write beautifully, and you know, I love how your writing has developed so much over the past years andmonths. It is wonderful to watch (and read!)

    By the by, I am really hoping you will be joining in my blog-birthday tag if you can! :))

    1. This was just a tiny burst of inspiration from that Pinterest picture, so I doubt it will ever turn into anything other than what it already is. :) Thank you so much, though, dear girl! ^.^

      P.s. I'm hoping to be able to join in the particular tag concerning "Children's Books" and whatnot. ^.^ Children's books are my specialty regarding how many I've read, etc. :)