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The day may come when I am tagged for the Sunflower Blogger Tag... Award... Thingie. And hey, it happens to be this day! Emma, you're the first person to tag me for such. Therefore... well, heck, I'm doin' it!

I'm certain most of you know the "rules" for this tag. I state eleven random facts about myself, then tag several more people. (I think that, technically, it's supposed to be eleven, but I'm going to Not Do That.) Oh, and I have to answer the eleven questions Emma has conjectured. Let us begin.

Random Facts:

1 :: I have the cutest feet in the world. (Or so my momma says. She might be biased, though.)

2 :: I received all three Lord of the Rings movies for Christmas last year. I've only seen one thus far. (GASPS) But listen up. If I plan to take four hours out of my day to watch a movie that will emotionally shred my soul (therefore making it impossible to continue forward in life without spending another two hours watching Disney songs on YouTube), well... it's difficult finding time to make that possible. But throw me a computer and Internet and I'll watch Studio C all day long!

3 :: I've read four of the Five Glass Slippers  stories. (What Eyes Can See, Broken Glass, The Windy Side of Care, and The Moon Master's Ball.) And thus far Broken Glass  and The Moon Master's Ball  are my favorites. I absolutely love those stories.

4 :: I "follow" peoples' Instagrams, but because I don't have my own Instagram, my actions are dubbed "stalking." Shameful.

5 :: I've never actually read the entire Alice in Wonderland, nor have I seen the entire movie. That part where that dude eats those poor little shrimp... why, it disturbed me as a teenager! However, there's some splendidly good quotes in that story.

6 :: Let's see... how do I put this nicely? CAPTAIN AMERICA IS MINE. There. That oughta do it.

7 :: I cosplayed as Amy March to a costume party. It was actually in a dress that was an almost-exact replica of Felicity's summer dress:

Not the right era, I know, but it was on clearance and it worked splendidly. Plus, it's a gorgeous dress.

8 :: I'm a hobbit. But you knew that.

9 :: I'm beta-reading two novels right now. My friend Emily's The Homestead and Jenny Freitag's Plenilune. Yes, this was merely a bragging-fact. You're welcome.

10 :: DOZENS OF COPIES SOLD! That is, of Cry of Hope. I'm tempted to use that as my marketing slogan.

11 :: My wardrobe contains a lot of blues and pinks.

Emma's Questions:

1 :: Tell us a little about the story you’re working on (if you’re working on one).
Sensical Nonsense. It's all rather hush-hush right now. I'm sorry. However, there is this one dreamer-like fellow named Adam Connell, and then there's a girl-dreamer called Kitty Fowler, and then there's some laughter, and SPOILERS, and it's called a romance, and then MORE SPOILERS, and Never Land talk, and SPOILERS AGAIN, and that's it. It's really a very dear story and very close to my heart.

2 :: What’s the best book you’ve read in the last six months?
Oh, dear. Let me think for a moment...

Probably Broken Glass  by Emma Clifton (heh, heh... who happened to tag me). It's in the Five Glass Slippers  book, but you knew that. And since I said it's the best thing I've read in the last six months, you know  it's good. So you should really buy Five Glass Slippers.

3 :: What’s the worst book you’ve read in the last six months?

Well, gracious. This is even tougher than the first. You see, I have difficulty remembering what books I've read in the last six months...

Probably The Bad Beginning, the first book in the Series of Unfortunate Events. OH GOSH. I just remembered that I desperately needed to return that to the friend I borrowed it from and I can't now because I won't see her for six weeks. On the other hand, she'll be home for one day in about three days, so hopefully I can return it to her then.

Back to the book, however. It was a very sad story (which was stated bluntly from the very beginning), but I loved the style. So it's not that it was a bad book, it just wasn't a favorite.

4 :: Favorite Avenger?
This one's pretty obvious by now. Cap.

5 :: Which Mr. Darcy do you prefer: Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen?
Matthew MacFadyen. I actually haven't seen Colin Firth's rendition, but honestly, I'm not very interested in watching that version. I love the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice. And Matthew Macfadyen plays a pretty hot Mr. Darcy. ("Actually, a hot guy is probably not an appropriate term. I'm gonna say... let's say a spiritual hunk.")

Ahem. Anyway. Moving on. (Especially since all Austenites are coming at me with tooth and claw for not desiring to watch the classic P&P and actually loving -- not liking, loving! -- the Keira Knightley version. Cap, save me.)

6 :: What is your favorite joke? Please tell it!
Does this count? ^.^

7 :: If you could take the place of any Disney princess and marry their prince, who would you choose?
Um, Rapunzel, of course!

8 :: What is your favorite book cover?
Ooh, that's tough. I'm going to say this one:

9 :: What sort of music do you listen to while writing?
Anything that reminds me of what I'm writing! (And sometimes things that don't remind me of what I'm writing...)

10 :: How long have you been writing for?
This question could be taken in one sense and then in another. I've been writing -- really writing -- for about two and a half years. However, if we're counting the ungood things I wrote when I was younger, then I've been writing about five years (though a year break should be smuggled in there somewhere).

11 :: Do you like getting tagged for blog awards?
"I, um... I think  so?"

I tag...

:: and whoever else wants to join this tag!

My questions be this:

1 :: Favorite classic Disney song?
2 :: Mermaids or elves?
3 :: Who is your favorite dead author?
4 :: Which country do you most want to visit?
5 :: Which state do you most want to visit? (I'm talking U.S., of course.)
6 :: Dream job?
7 :: Any future names in store for your future children?
8 :: Captain America or Bucky Barnes?
9 :: Which is your preferred choice of weapon?
10 :: Which non-published book are you most looking forward to reading?
11 :: If you were forced to dye your hair a different color, what color would you choose?

(Oh, and I add that you needn't feel obligated to participate in this tag if you don't want to or haven't the time to.)


  1. Felicity's summer dress! Ah! I have Felicity and I adore her wardrobe. I'd wear any of her gowns, anytime.

    "And Matthew Macfadyen plays a pretty hot Mr. Darcy." That was my favorite part of this post. I love you. xD

  2. My favourite thing about this post: I received all three Lord of the Rings movies for Christmas last year. I've only seen one thus far. (GASPS) But listen up. If I plan to take four hours out of my day to watch a movie that will emotionally shred my soul. . . yes, oh yes! LOTR movies (AND BOOKS, mind you too) do emotionally shred one's soul to stripped scarlet ribbons and an emotional wreck of tears - but then it builds you up, gives you so much hope and courage and makes you want to watch it over again after the trauma because there is nothing quite like the sheer emotional thrill, and stirring joy of it. How have you liked The Fellowship of the Ring so far? <3 :) Did you watch it in the extended edition version? Because those ones are the best and are really 4 HOURS long each. But be warned, The Return of the King will really make you cry. . . (BE WARNED!) <3 <3 :')

    Actually, about Mr. Darcy and Pride and Prejudice, I have only read the book and watched the 1995 version with Colin Firth. . . I like that version very much because it is close to the book and really a "classic" adaption, but I do find Firth's performance of Mr. Darcy very aloof and almost too proud for my likes. While I haven't seen the 2005 adaption with Kiera Knightley, I have seen clips from it and I definitely agree that I would like Matthew Macfadyen much better! I personally am not fond of Knightley though - I find she's a bit too modern for my taste, but Macfadyen really does it better than Firth I'm thinking :). Also he plays wonderfully Mr. Arthur Clennam in Little Dorrit BBC tv series which I really liked.

    Ooohwee, I love that American Doll's dress (is she Felicity?). . . it is so pwitty!! :) My little sister loves the American dolls a lot, and she plays with Molly and Kit dolls all the time ;D.

    Isn't that cover gorgeous? On that note, do you plan on entering the contest, Emily?

    Humph, you didn't include me in your tag :( *starts ridiculous amount of sobbing* :) but you did sort of include us all, didn't ya? :))
    Love this post so much, Em dear, and I highly approve of the Olaf pin :DD Love you, dear!