advice from me

1 :: Don't walk all the way up to the pool in the heat unless you know that you know that it's open.

2 :: Watch Hannah Montana on Tuesdays.

3 :: Don't feel bad that you can't prove your life is as cool as everyone else's because you don't have an Instagram.

4 :: Crack your phone at a best friend's pool because you'll feel better than if you crack it at your own pool.

5 :: Don't chew on hangnails because then your hands will look ugly.

6 :: Go Gluten-free when you feel like it.

7 :: Pray even if you don't feel like it. God wants to hear from you.

8 :: Remember you're still beautiful even on the worst hair-and-face days.

9 :: Read lighthearted books in the summertime (and in the autumntime, wintertime, and springtime).

10 :: Wiggle your toes for fun. Then slurp your ice cream.

basically, it's okay to love life.