hang in there, baby

We all have those days where everything's out of sorts and you're out of sorts and everyone's out of sorts and the dishwasher's out of sorts and all you want to do is sleep the rest of the day or just watch Netflix. And it's those days that seem to stand out in your mind when you're living those days. It seems like good days could never happen again. It seems like your dreams fall down to the ground because either someone is making it seem impossible or your own laziness is making it seem impossible. Or perhaps it seems God don't care if you have big, beautiful dreams or not. And then, in the depths of those crushed dreams, you think you really don't care and that you'd rather go watch Netflix anyway.

But listen up. Those dreams of yours still matter and it's purely a lie if you claim that God Himself don't care about them. That He blows them off because He has something better in store. He still cares about what matters to you, whether He thinks they should come to pass or not. He still cares about those ideas and visions swirling in your pretty little mind. Just because you have a nasty day where everything's nasty (when even the hope of a comfort-food dinner is crushed)... it doesn't mean He's not still there and that your dreams don't matter.

hang in there, baby. things are crazy, but i know your future's bright. hang in there, baby. there's no maybe, everything turns out alright. sure, life is up and down, but trust me. it comes back around. you're gonna love who you turn out to be.


  1. Yup. I'm still hanging in there...I think.

  2. True! Like being 1 of thirteen people (including my mum and sister) to get a tummy bug and vomit during a conference in a city where 2000 people are sick and just feeling weary and "i wanna go home" overwhelm you, when the cleaner of the hotel is all paranoid to clean your room lest she get sick herself, and you feel. . . oh, so weary! And then God sends a little touch of love - your mother, still not well herself, bending down and helping and caring to you and others who are unwell showing Jesus' love hits you and melts your heart. It is okay - He is still there, and He knows and loves :)!

    (Sorry for this depressing bit there. . .) but that is a very sweet post, Emily, and I too know those moments! Thanks for sharing that God cares about our dreams. Sometimes I forget that, when I stop caring myself :').

  3. Needed this. Thanks for sharing, babe. <3