ten million fireflies

i'm weird 'cause i hate goodbyes
i got misty eyes as they said farewell
but i'll know where several are
if my dreams get real bizarre
'cause i saved a few and i keep them in a jar.
- owl city, fireflies

"This is the story of how a girl named Kitty fell in love with chocolate."

That's how Sensical Nonsense  starts. And precisely two or three days ago, I typed the last word of that darling novella. I love it to itty bitty bits. Therefore, you can imagine the sadness in finishing it. However, on one good note, this is a post full of Sensical Nonsense  nonsense, so you may bury yourself in it to your heart's content.

And after all, the ending of a story is never the end. Who knows what lies around the next bend?


i'd like to make myself believe
 that planet earth turns slowly
it's hard to say that i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep
because my dreams are bursting at the seams.
- owl city, fireflies


  1. Cool.

    I fell into a pile on the floor once. Grammy B swept me up and threw me in the garbage.

    And, you would have been very comfortable growing up in the 60's.

  2. P.S. Have you ever heard this song?


  3. Yay! This makes me happy. I love this story so much! Happy Fourth!! =)

  4. P.P.S. I like this one too...


  5. Papa - Haha, love you! And I hadn't heard the first, but I had heard the last. ^.^ And I like 'em both.

    Emily - Aww, you know I'm so happy you love it. ^.^ Happy Independence day!