dreams and disasters

The funny thing about life is that it goes on.

I was reading through various raw posts I posted on my old blog -- a little, private blog -- speaking of the pain I bore last year. My little brother died before I ever met him. It sent a stinging grenade amongst my family, but God held us together through the thick of it. The sun is just now coming out in full force, but life is changing drastically. Our family will never remain the same again.

In a sense, I think this little speech is merely to say that a whole page of my life has never closed so quickly and slowly at the same time. I need those chronicles of my past self to remind me who I am. I need the detailed, heart-baring words of mine to keep me light on my feet, for half the time I'm either flying or remaining nailed crushingly to the floor.

I've never realized I'm becoming a grown-up 'til now. And I rather think I'd like Peter Pan along for the ride.

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