the places we go

"Your eyes look like Jennifer Lawrence's."

I looked up from my phone in surprise, finding Chet staring at me. "Really?" I asked, but of course I already knew this. Every eighteen-year-old girl who stares at themselves in the mirror, comparing themselves to others whether they want to or not, catches little facts like these.

"Yeah," he said, pushing his baseball cap back. It fell off his head and onto the old lady's lap in the seat behind ours.

I laughed. I shrugged my shoulders more comfortably into the corner between the airplane window and the back of my seat, wiggling my toes on Chet's lap. I'd kicked off my shoes already and needed to stretch my legs. It was a good thing best friends didn't care what you did. It was kind of a lopsided way of things, I guessed, but it was the way of things.

"You know what?" I heard Chet say, and I looked up. His baseball cap was in its proper place again, and I think the old lady was now smitten with Chet, because she was giggling with her equally old friend behind us.

"What?" I asked him.

"I think your eyes are prettier than Jennifer's."

I felt myself blushing. Why was he talking like this? He hardly ever made a comment on my appearance. "Thanks, rat," I said, jerking my knee and knocking his chin with my toes.

"You're welcome, pudge," he replied and shoved my feet onto the floor.

Then we spontaneously hugged each other, because we heard the speaker crackle, announcing in a shockingly dull voice that we would be landing in London soon. Our adventures would finally begin.


  1. London + adventure + giggling/chatting old ladies behind you + tight airplane spaces and sweet friendship on a trip. Love it :).

  2. You've already written their story. You just need your brain to catch up with your heart.

  3. Joy :: Thanks, dear girl. :)

    Papa :: Wow. I'm stunned. I'd never thought of it that way, but it is totally and completely true.

    Emily :: Thanks, girl! Now, when can I read 'It Took a War'?? ;)

  4. This. It brightened my grey Wednesday perfectly. Your flash fiction can't be matched for coziness and warmth. ^.^

  5. Elizabeth :: And your comment brightened MY grey Wednesday perfectly. ^.^ Thank you!