Saturday, October 25, 2014

hold onto this lullaby

I often wish I could just implant songs into my manuscripts. But unfortunately, the only way that would happen is if it were turned into a movie. (#writerprobs) However, I can, in fact, tell my readers what songs would slip perfectly into the pages of my novels...

right illustration via pinterest


  1. I like this...

  2. This is wonderful. Love, love, love it! =) I wish I could implant songs in my books as well. I guess our books will just have to be made into movies. =)

    1. I'm so glad you like it! You should do a post like this on your blog sometime. ^.^ (And oh, yes. Our books will just have to be made into movies. They'd be pretty epic, too -- but I might be biased. ;))

    2. Yes! I'd love to do a post like this on my blog sometime! I may just have to steal your idea! =)

      Well yeah, our books would make totally epic movies!! =)

      I love the leaf in your header and the orange sprinkled throughout your blog!! So lovely! =)

    3. ....just realized I put a smiley face after every sentence. =)