beautiful people | jem halcott

I don't know what work-in-progress will arise next. Originally I was planning on diving into a Beauty and the Beast retelling as soon as my summer calmed down, but now I am hesitant. Hence the reason I'm exploring the characters of another novel, currently nameless, with a hefty plot that hasn't quite taken shape yet. Let us find out more about this fellow -- Jem -- together.

1) What does your character regret the most in their life?

When your entire family suddenly depends upon you as their source of strength, a fellow finds many things to regret in his past, present, and even future.

2) What is your character's happiest memory? Most sorrowful memory?

His happiest memories are those of he and his brothers fishing by the creek with their pa on their little Maryland plantation. His most sorrowful memory is of the day his father was brought home dead from the war... and sadly, that memory is all too recent.

3) What majorly gets on your character’s nerves? 

When his sister insists she be right, and then it turns out that she really is right. When young men don't up and do the right thing, no matter the cost. (And unfortunately, he himself falls under this somewhat often, which vexes him all the more.) When his toast is burnt. When snow creeps into his boots as soon as chores begin.

He's a pretty normal human being.

4) Do they act differently when they're around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how? 

When around young ladies (not counting his sisters, of course), he has a tendency to be on his best behaviour and can be rather cocky. Typical fellow. When he is around other fellows, the Halcott trait of competition kicks in. That trait is found stronger in his younger brothers than in himself, but no fear. It's instilled in Jem's blood.

5) What are their beliefs and superstitions? (Examples: their religion or lack of one, conspiracy theories, throwing salt, fear of black cats.)

Jem is a born-again Christian. He does not have any superstitions, but it makes him very uncomfortable when people talk about superstitions.

6) What are their catchphrases, or things they say frequently?

He often says, "'Member when...?"

7) Would they be more prone to facing fears or running from them?

Jem was always taught to face his fears, and that is exactly what he desires to do. However, when circumstances arise, throwing him in the thick of a war amidst a war, his courage often wavers and his longing for the guidance of his late father often washes out his ability to clearly seek guidance from God.

8) Do they have a good self image?

People often call him "Jeremiah" now that his father has passed on, and it cuts him deeply each time he hears it addressed to himself. He does not believe he can be what his father was, in spite of the fact and because of the fact that so many people believe he can.

9) Do they turn to people when they're upset, or do they isolate themselves?

There are very few people he will turn to when he is upset, and while he feels the keen need to do so, he would much rather isolate himself than seek comfort and guidance from those he has sworn to himself to protect.

10) If they were standing next to you, would it make you laugh or cry?

I would laugh and cry because he was real. Wouldn't everyone do so for the sheer actuality of their hero or heroine?