ain't we got fun extras | georgiana

Originally, when we planned this, we were to post pictures of us -- I mean, our characters -- I mean, us -- well, anyway, we were going to do both of us at the same time. However, my dear southern state started experiencing illegal temperatures of weather and since I don't quite have a 30's style coat, I had to bail. So we are doing it this way. This weekend you get pictures of Gi. Next weekend, you get pictures of Bess.

Emily basically is Gi. She's more reserved than Gi outwardly,
but I'm pretty certain she's got a Gi side to her personality.
Besides, she's got all the looks going for her.

(The above one is my favorite picture of them all. It captures Gi's entire personality, not to mention Em is -- I mean, Gi -- I mean, Em... I mean, they're absolutely adorable.)

'"oh, right, the coffee. the coffee for gi. the coffee chosen especially for gi. gi's coffee."
Next week, expect an appearance of Bess! I mean, me! I mean... oh, you get the picture. (Pun unintended.)


  1. Lovely photos! They have lots of personality and they are beautiful. What a great project.

  2. Ah! These are fantastic, charming, and delightfully vintage! I love how you've encapsulated yourselves within these characters.