ain't we got fun extras | help from you!

The past few extras have been involving visual peeks into Ain't We Got Fun. Today, we're asking for help from you! Next Saturday, we'll each be posting a vlog discussing Ain't We Got Fun, our plans for it, and answering questions -- from you! If you have a question in any way involving our little story, comment below (or on Em's blog!) and ask us! We'll try to answer them in one of our vlogs!



  1. Yes, I have a question! When is the next one going to be? ;) You guys should make this an annual thing, or something...
    Other than that - Did you have a really specific outline for each letter, and set personality for each character, or that did that sort of come as you went along? Is writing something you do daily, or more spasmodically as you feel like it?
    Looking forward to watching the vlogs! :)

  2. My questions (you know I couldn't resist):
    -Who's your favorite character in the story?
    -To whom do you most relate, other than Bess?
    -Is there anything exciting (plot-wise) coming up in the last few days of the story?


  3. My questions!!

    - In what ways are you each like your main characters? In what ways are you different?
    - How long have you been planning this series, and how did you come up with the idea?
    - How exactly *did* you make this series? (I'm guessing that it involved hundreds of email exchanges)
    - What ever became of Hannah Thomas?
    - Have you both always been interested in the 1930s and the Great Depression?

    I may come up with more :D I have lots of questions!