meet carmel elizabeth

So there's this girl who is a really good friend of mine. I met her over the Internet and fortunately she doesn't live very far from me, so we can set up playdates get togethers whenever our schedules allow it. She's classy and charming and incredibly talented. (Author, dancer, artist, stylist, and graphic designer... she's a lass of all trades.) And she's opened a new blog to reflect all of those aspects of herself! Meet Carmel.

1. Tell us a little about you: Carmel.

Talking about myself is hard: I'm a writer, but I write about the lives of other people, and not my own. I'm a dancer, to start; also a bit interested in beauty; also more-than-a-bit interested in fashion; also always in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. I seek through them all to better know my Creator, and to better glorify him; what more can be said? (Oh. And I laugh a lot. ;)

2. What can we expect to see on CARMEL? is my way of pooling all my interests into one endeavor; because of that, you'll essentially get a sprinkle of everything. I'll be sharing weekly posts on fashion (cue the #OOTD!), writing (yes, there will still be snippets), health (recipes! tips! stories!), and whatever falls in between. So whether you like 1 or all, you're welcomed to come over and pay a visit!

3. What is your favorite aspect of CARMEL?

I'm thrilled to be able to expand the focus of my online-life. I'm thrilled to reach a wider audience. I'm thrilled to share more with my readers and friends. That's my favorite.

4. What inspired you to launch this charming website?

I think, originally, it was the idea that I did not need to confine myself to one specific topic on my blog (however large it may be) nor juggle multiple blogs (to me, this is far too confusing). I cannot ultimately remember what made me decide to combine them; I just knew I wanted to do it, so I did.

5. Tell us a little about which fashion icons, actresses, and great authors and poets are similar to you in style and soul.

Style-wise, I love the choices of people like Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo, Jenna Coleman and Lily Collins. I cannot, of course, forget Audrey Hepburn, who has inspired me in many ways, including in her classic, delineated style, her elegance of character and her disciplined lifestyle. As for authors and poets, my heart best resonates with the works of C.S. Lewis, Esther Forbes, Rosemary Sutcliff and Lois Lowry. And Shakespeare, of course. I cannot claim any similar work of my own, but they have inspired me unavoidably.

6. What great things do you foresee in CARMEL's future?
I should like to inspire people.

7. What is it you wish your readers to take with them after visiting your website?

Again, inspiration; a sense of peace and happiness; incentive to lead a life well-lived. :)



  1. Love this interview, Carmel and Emily <3 :D
    God bless!

  2. Awesome interview!! I'll be sure to check out the website!