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"It's Friday the Thirteenth," she came running to me, all out of breath.

"So?" I snorted. I finished rolling the copper wire and turned to stare at her. She looked awfully pretty today. I stuffed my hands in my jeans. "Thirteen ain't such a bad number, Rose."

"Yeah." She said, sarcastically. "Sure, it ain't."

"It ain't, I swear. Look, see Betsy?" I pointed to my hen as she prissily crossed the lane. "She's got thirteen little biddies. That ain't a bad thing."

Her blue eyes followed my directions and she pouted. "That's not what I mean. The number thirteen itself ain't such a bad thing on its own. But you mash it up with Friday and you got a whole mess of trouble. Auntie Glin said so."

"Auntie Glin's got a mindful of nonsense," I told her, swinging the roll of wire over my shoulder and picking up my hammer. "I wouldn't listen to that ol' maid of yours, thorn." I grinned as the old nickname made her face turn bright red in frustration.

"Good golly, Bo," she growled, balling up her fists. "You sure got a heck of a lotta nerve. I could whoop you good, y'know. But I won't."

"Why?" I taunted, turning toward the barn. I smiled as she fell into step beside me.

"'Cause it's Friday the thirteenth. I might kill you on accident."

"'Course." I snorted. "I forgot."

"You did not, I just told you."

"Whatever." I strode in silence for awhile, thinking. Then I looked down at her cream-colored mess of hair. "Hey... Rose." My heart stopped for a moment. I swallowed. I wasn't really gonna ask her out. What was I thinking? She hated me. She'd say no in a heartbeat.


I realized I had stopped and she was talking to me. "What?" I asked.

She squinted her pretty blue eyes. "You said my name."

"Oh. Yeah." I swallowed. I looked away. But she was waiting.

"What did you want?" she demanded.

"Oh..." I continued walking. "Nothin'."

I better not take any risks. It was, after all, Friday the thirteenth.

jupiter bound

It must be nice on Jupiter, I thought. I dug my pencil into the paper. Nothing but hot fire that burns bright, bright orange. And if you are feeling particularly fiery, you just dive into the deep, dark red spot. That's where the deep, red anger glows. That's where you dwell when you want to smolder.

I chomped on my lip, glaring across the yard at no one in particular. Oreos. I needed oreos. Or chocolate ice cream. With whipped cream.


I jumped. "What do you want?" I said crossly, scribbling a large "x" on my paper. It felt fitting. "X" out Ashlee, who insisted on talking to me. Even though she was probably the only one who understood me right then. "X" out this stupid assignment on a stupid garden party for a stupid fundraiser for stupid boys who are stupid anyway. "X" out the Earth. Head to Jupiter.

I wrote that on my note pad. "Head to Jupiter." I crossed out the half-hearted attempts at chronicling the old woman's speech on how the Hartland boys needed money for... I had zoned out at that point. The deep dark marks burying the words looked menacing. It made me feel a smidgen better.

I looked at Ashlee as she sat down next to me, looking perfect in her imperfections as usual. (I always looked imperfect in my imperfections, like normal people.) "Hey, Ash," I said, scratching my frazzled hair. "I'm going to Jupiter." There was a wild tone to my voice.

She raised her eyebrows. "Why?"

"'Cause." I chomped down on my lip again and twiddled the pencil between my fingers. Then I cracked it in half and chucked it into the perfect little rose bushes. I looked at my friend and then glowered. She was gazing at me with that sympathetic, knowing stare. "What?" I growled.

"You said you're over him," she said patronizingly, although she probably didn't mean it to come out that way.

I wasn't in a forgiving mood. "Who?" I snapped, crossing my arms and leaning back in my chair. My red heels were smudged. Good riddance.


I wanted to tell her to shut up, but I didn't. Instead, I said, "Who cares about him? He's a... a jerk."

"Yeah," she nodded, lacing her fingers together primly. "He is."

I suddenly felt very tired. And excruciatingly lonely. I looked up at the sky. "Hey, Ash?"


"You want to come with me to Jupiter?"

She wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "Yeah, I'll come with you, Dani." Her fingers got caught in my hair and it hurt, but I didn't whine. Instead, I stuck my face in her shoulder and fought back tears. "I bet it's nice up there," I said, my voice trembling.

"Maybe." She paused. "I bet you can see the stars real well."

"Yeah, that's what I mean." I let go of the note pad and it dropped to the ground. Ashlee rubbed my back, and I said, "You know what?"


"I'm not over him."

blogging it up

I go through phases of which blogs are the ones I check the most. There are so many good blogs out there but sometimes only a few really apply to my current state in life. So, if you are looking for some good reads that you might connect with, here are the ones that I'm loving right now.

It's technically a fashion blog, and while the fashion is extremely inspiring, I just enjoy reading Hannah's thoughts that she inserts with her pictures. I basically think we're either kindred spirits or long-lost friends, but either way, she's awesome and I love her blog.

Oh, yep. You recognize this one, don't you? It's Emily Ann again. What can I say? She's an all-around awesome person and a really good friend of mine. Her blog is one of my Most Read blogs. She inspires me.

Here we have Hannah's blog that makes me really happy because I think we'd be good friends. She's down-to-earth and she's a fangirl and she loves Jesus and books. And she lives in Ireland. What's not to love? Seriously, almost every post on her blog makes me smile.

Rachel has been my biggest role model throughout high school. Her blog never ceases to make me think, and sometimes I come away from a post in such awe and I remind myself again that I want to write like that. I want to view life like that. (Oh, and she's Hannah Everly's older sister. Apparently I'm a big fan of the Coker's.)

Meet the coolest person ever. Lynn is one of my best friends and her blog is almost as cool as she is. She doesn't post super often but when she does, they're short and artsy and thought provoking. I kinda like it a lot.

updates & reassurances

Hello, friends!

I know I've been absent for quite awhile, and for that I apologize. Emily, on the bright side, has kept up her blog nicely after our continuous letters ended, so kudos to her!

For those of you who didn't catch the vlog, Emily Ann and I will be publishing Ain't We Got Fun under the White Rose Press. Releasing sometime Summer 2015, it will hopefully be on your bookshelves by the coming school year! That's a cheery thought, isn't it? I'll be keeping you updated on ways you can get involved with its release and how the process is going, so stick around! Edits are currently underway, for those who are wondering, but you needn't fear. Not much of the story will change. We love it a bit too much to hack into it with a bloody red pen, I tell you. We're also in talks with Rachel Rossano about cover designs. Exciting stuff!

Another little update is the fact that I haven't a sweet clue what writing project will come next. Around a month ago, an idea emerged that was inspired by Carrie Underwood's "Just a Dream" . . . and I still have that War of 1812 story trapped in the recesses of my mind.

We'll see what happens.

I'm also tossing around ideas about publishing Sensical Nonsense . . . we'll see what happens there as well. You just might get a chance to finally meet Adam Connell. (And Kitty, too, of course.)

Toodle-pip, folks. We'll be in touch.