chatterbox | rose


"It's Friday the Thirteenth," she came running to me, all out of breath.

"So?" I snorted. I finished rolling the copper wire and turned to stare at her. She looked awfully pretty today. I stuffed my hands in my jeans. "Thirteen ain't such a bad number, Rose."

"Yeah." She said, sarcastically. "Sure, it ain't."

"It ain't, I swear. Look, see Betsy?" I pointed to my hen as she prissily crossed the lane. "She's got thirteen little biddies. That ain't a bad thing."

Her blue eyes followed my directions and she pouted. "That's not what I mean. The number thirteen itself ain't such a bad thing on its own. But you mash it up with Friday and you got a whole mess of trouble. Auntie Glin said so."

"Auntie Glin's got a mindful of nonsense," I told her, swinging the roll of wire over my shoulder and picking up my hammer. "I wouldn't listen to that ol' maid of yours, thorn." I grinned as the old nickname made her face turn bright red in frustration.

"Good golly, Bo," she growled, balling up her fists. "You sure got a heck of a lotta nerve. I could whoop you good, y'know. But I won't."

"Why?" I taunted, turning toward the barn. I smiled as she fell into step beside me.

"'Cause it's Friday the thirteenth. I might kill you on accident."

"'Course." I snorted. "I forgot."

"You did not, I just told you."

"Whatever." I strode in silence for awhile, thinking. Then I looked down at her cream-colored mess of hair. "Hey... Rose." My heart stopped for a moment. I swallowed. I wasn't really gonna ask her out. What was I thinking? She hated me. She'd say no in a heartbeat.


I realized I had stopped and she was talking to me. "What?" I asked.

She squinted her pretty blue eyes. "You said my name."

"Oh. Yeah." I swallowed. I looked away. But she was waiting.

"What did you want?" she demanded.

"Oh..." I continued walking. "Nothin'."

I better not take any risks. It was, after all, Friday the thirteenth.


  1. Ahhh!! I absolutely adore this!!! Bo and Rose are so adorable!

    1. Aw, thanks Em!! I think they are too. ^.^

  2. Oo. This is cute! I want to know more about them...;)

    1. Thank you! . . . I sorta want to know more about them myself. :)

  3. Eeep, this reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird. I love your use of the accents, and you have an overall knack for creating loveable characters with just a paragraph or two. Marvelous. ^_^

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking as I wrote it! How "To Kill a Mockingbird". I like playing with accents. And oh my. That's a compliment to be revered. Thank you. ^.^

  4. That was really beautiful! The way you wrote that, was so touching, and deep, and meaningful, in such a short paragraph! You really have a talent. I felt like I totally related to the characters. Keep up the writing. ;)

    1. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much, dear! This was so encouraging. :)