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I kicked the table legs impatiently. "You ready yet?"

"In a moment," Will replied, lifting his eyes for a brief second to give me his signature teasing look. Foul man. Then his eyes fell back on his paper, and he continued writing meticulously.

I sighed, crossing my arms. His wedding band glittered as it caught the sunlight, and I still couldn't hold back a grin from seeing it. Something about the word "brother-in-law" crowned his dark head perfectly.

Finally, Will looked up. "Alright. Question number one on the article titled "Sisterly Relationships: Perspective Two"... What--"

"That's a stupid title," I interrupted, crossed from having to sit in the hot kitchen for so long.

Will rolled his eyes, ignoring me. "Question number one: What is the first memory you have of Gi?"

I bit my lip, thinking. Then I said, "I think I was a baby. No, I was definitely a baby. She was dangling something over my cradle, and I was trying to catch it. Then, when I did catch it, it moved and frightened me. That is why I am now terrified of snakes."

Will looked at me in a sort of disgusted disbelief. "My wife would never touch a snake," he said positively.

"She did when she was little. She was quite the tomboy, I'm afraid." I turned up my chin. Then I said, "Next question, please."

Will shook his head, scribbling down my answer on his paper. Then he said, "Describe your relationship in three words."

I thought for a moment. In fact, I thought for so long two flies flew in the open window and one flew back out. Then I said slowly, "Loving. Exciting. Fun."

"Very interesting," Will breathed dramatically, teasing me. He scribbled them down--much quicker than when he had written out the questions, I noted crossly. Then he asked me, "What kinds of things do you like to do together?"

"Bake, go on walks, talk a lot, tease each other, irritate each other, sigh over Laurie Laurence--" Tom's face popped into my head, and I missed him. "--and we like to compete at being the best raiser of Donny. I think I'm winning, considering I'm the only one who lives with him now. Someone stole Gi away."

"The brute," Will shook his head, grinning. Then he asked softly, "Hear from Tom much?"

I bit my lip, my eyes welling up. "Not much. He says not to worry. He said to let him do the worrying." I looked at Will. "He knows that never works."

Will nodded, reaching out to squeeze my hand. "You know we're here for you, Bessie," he said softly. "I've been praying for his safety."

"Me too." I took a deep breath, twisting my empty ring finger. Wars last a long time.

Then Will tapped the table with his pencil, saying, "Next question. When was your biggest fight?"

"November of 1934," I said instantly, a slight smile flaring up on my face. "She told me her secret plans to move to New York and make a fortune. I insisted she tell Mama and Papa. She refused. I told her I would tell them. She pinned me to the floor and made me promise I wouldn't. We wouldn't speak to each other for a week." I laughed a little. "She's fierce."

Will chuckled. "Don't I know it."

The next question was this: "How far would you go to save her?"

I hesitated only a second before saying, "I would die for her."

Will paused, his pencil in the air. "Really?"

"Yeah," I said. "It would be an impulsive thing, and I'd probably be dead before I had a chance to worry or reconsider."

Will nodded. "I believe it," he said and wrote down my answer. "What are your pet peeves about her?"

This didn't take long for me to answer. "She's too impulsive, she's too wild, she doesn't think before she speaks, she encourages Donny's naughty side, she doesn't let Papa buy her peppermint sticks, she forgets to put yeast in the bread dough, she teases me mercilessly about Tom..." I paused, because I didn't necessarily mind that so much.

Will cut in, laughing. "That's enough answers, I guess. I'll let you know if I need more, though." He winked. Then he continued with, "What is your favorite thing about her?"

"My favorite thing?" I asked. "Can it be many favorite things?"

"'Fraid not." He grinned wickedly. "What's your favorite thing about her?"

I sighed, thinking. Then I said slowly, "She is loyal. She is very loyal."

Will's eyes softened, I noticed, as he bent to write that down. He's very much in love with his wife. Then he cleared his throat. "What traits do you share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks...?"

I pushed back my chair to go pour a glass of milk. "We both love Little Women," I said, as I opened the cabinet door. "We shared clothes and shoes until she moved out. Although, her dresses were always a little too big for me. We look alike in that our eyes are the same shape, albeit different colors, and we have the same nose. Our face shapes are similar, too. As for mannerisms, I'm not entirely sure. Answer that yourself. I'm sure you'd know more than me." I sat back down, sipping the cold milk.

Will laughed. "But the point of this interview is to compare your answers with Gi's. I can't answer them."

I waved my hand. "Next question, then."

"Who has the strongest personality?"

We looked at each other. "Gi," we said simultaneously. I laughed, wiping the milk off my lips.

"How has your relationship changed over the years?"

I leaned back in my chair. "We've grown closer," I said softly, "Even though we've moved apart. I love her more now than I ever did. We went through more together through letters than we did when we lived together. Funny how that works, ain't it?"

Will smiled, writing down what I had said. "Yeah," he said. Then he looked up. "Well, that's the end of this interview." He stood up, stuffing his papers under his arm and reaching across the table to shake my hand. "Thank you for your time, Miss Rowland. Or should I say, Mrs. James?"

I smiled painfully. "We aren't there yet, Mr. Reeves."

"Yeah, but you'll get there," he said, breaking his faux professional stance and wrapping me in a tight hug. "I know you will."

Ain't We Got Fun is releasing May 25, 2015!
(Check back here on April 13th for the cover reveal.)



  1. This was wonderful and amazing, girls. I'm so looking forward to your story release.
    And, if you don't mind my saying, I don't think a sequel would be a bad idea. ;)

  2. This was fun to read and I would certainly be interested in a sequel! You ladies have written an enjoyable story.

    1. No promises on a sequel. But I'm so glad you enjoy this story! :) Thanks for commenting, Kelpie!

  3. This book gets better all the time! I'm looking forward to reading it again. You guys are excellent writers. :)

    1. Aw, thank you, Jessica! I can't wait for y'all to read it again. :)

  4. This. Is. Precious. So awesome to hear from these characters again! I'm so glad that you and Emily made these posts :D

    1. It was like coming home. Writing about Bess and Gi and Will and Tom again. It was like coming home and finding things different from what they were. (WE SENT OFF TOM TO FIGHT NAZIS. WHUT.)

      But I absolutely love these characters still. I'm so glad you liked it. ^.^