Thursday, July 30, 2015

hidden daughter

Here I sit, just grinning haphazardly and thinking, "Well, that happened." Sorry about the blog dilemma, folks. This is what happened: I needed to renew my URL but I couldn't because my brother does that. But, unfortunately, he lives in a different state now because he had to go get married. (How rude.) So it took awhile for him and I to finally talk about it, and for him to do it.

But we're back! (Imagine my characters and I nodding solemnly.) Currently I am brainstorming something with Emily Ann, and I am also attempting a Sleeping Beauty retelling. I'm not entirely sure what I plan to call it, but it's currently suffering under the title of Hidden Daughter. I don't love it, really, but it's the best I got.

Perhaps you'd like to meet the cast?

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KAUR, or better known as Kaurie, is a seventeen-year-old girl who is not afraid of anything. At least, that is the image she carefully paints for the world. She grew up as an orphan: poverty-stricken and left to fend for herself. And she is determined to change that as soon as she learns the truth about herself and her kingdom.

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AURELIA is the princess of LunĂ©. She is small and delicate, and she hasn't had much experience with fear. She has nothing of which to be afraid. But when she is unexpectedly abducted from her home, she finds that the world is a much more hostile place than she imagined. Having never met courage before, she must create it within herself and make friends of her apparent enemies.

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TIMON hasn't grown up. A genius with an almost enchanting way with falcons, Mo lives under the pressure of gaining back his father's place in the kingdom. When he learns of the event that turned the king against his family, he sets about to make things right, with the help of a couple of willing and not-so-willing comrades. Hopefully he can mature a bit before the real danger arrives.

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ALEC, a trained swordsman, hasn't exactly met danger yet. With his honor and sword by his side, he traverses to the castle with the goal of winning the tournament and the princess's hand in marriage. But when the tournament is unexpectedly cancelled, he is thrust into an adventure full of dangers he has never seen in his young life and his first instinct, protect others, becomes well-worn before it is half over.

Tell me: how are your retellings coming along?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

big ben

"Is that it?"

We stood, hand in hand, in front of the big clock. Chet's mouth had dropped open, and he was just staring at it. "He's okay," he said at last, wriggling his fingers out of mind because it was pretty awkward.

"Who? Big Ben?" I snickered, knocking his shoulder with my fist. My hair blew in my face, covering my sight for a moment with a wave of auburn strands. Although, technically my hair was more of an auburn-blonde-brown. What was that called? Flaxen?

"Yeah, Big Ben. He's okay." Chet smirked, wiping his brow and pushing back his backwards baseball cap. "He could be bigger."

"Yeah, he could be prettier, too." I kicked a pebble in the street, and it bounced across the pavement until it accidentally hit a cab that inched by. Chet laughed at me as the cabbie glared.

"He could be stronger, probably." Chet squinted in the sun.

"And he could be made more useful."

"Say, let's tear him down when we become millionaires, Genevieve, and build something better."

"I don't think London would allow that." I sat down on the sidewalk, sighing as my feet relaxed. "Besides, he is rather ... well-known."

"But we will own London then, when we're rich," Chet argued. He bit his lip as two giggling British girls walked by, staring at him. I squirmed because nothing like that ever happened to me. Not that I want girls staring at me, of course, but I mean guys. I did have eyes like Jennifer Lawrence after all. Chet said so.

Though, come to think of it, I wasn't exactly comfortable with a hundred strange guys staring at me.

"Genevieve. Earth to Genevieve." My best friend nudged my shoulder. "Where are you?"

"Nowhere," I said, pretending I had been staring at Big Ben. "I was just admiring his good looks."

"You just said he could be prettier." Chet cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, he could." I licked my lips. "Say, Chet ... is my hair red or brown?"

Chet snorted, but he was used to my rather random questions. "Both."


"I like it."

"Oh." My voice was a bit cheerier there. "Shall we go onward?"

"Of course." He whistled a cab, but it ignored him and kept driving. "What an idiot. Hey, Viv, how do you get to Baker Street?"

Monday, July 6, 2015

the giveaway winners & other things

Picture me standing here a little shamefacedly because I never announced the giveaway winners properly. In my defense, my grandparents' wifi is very sad. And, as you assume, I was at their house this weekend for the Fourth, and we were very busy. Surely you must understand.

All that aside, you likely found out who the winners are already, but if not ...


Kirsten F.


Alicia R. !!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you both enjoy your Kindle copies of Ain't We Got Fun!

Because I seem to be the queen of posts full of random updates, continue reading to ... well, see a post full of random updates. (Sheesh, for an author, you'd think I'd churn out more original blog posts.)


I'm certain you all remember the very big giveaway Emily Ann and I hosted during Ain't We Got Fun's release. Elizabeth Anne D. won. And, with absolutely no prodding from us, she recently posted a most delightful review on her blog of our book. (She also sports Bess' flowered headband, and she does so adorably!) Here's a snippet if you're not sold yet:

The Rowland sisters felt so real to me that I wanted to jump into the book and have coffee with Gi and discuss Little Women with Bess.

And I haven't even mentioned the supporting characters. A lot of times authors pay so little attention to the supporting characters that no matter how realistic the main characters are, the story doesn't seem quite convincing. Emily and Emily gave even the smallest character life ...


You have no idea how badly I want to be writing again. I'm currently researching the War of 1812. I won't say anything more, but a plot is taking shape. Whether God will shower me with inspiration and a steady flow of words for this lump of an idea, I don't know. But I thought I'd let you know where I'm currently heading. Prayers would be appreciated as well. If I do dive into this, it will be the most challenging novel I have yet written. 

Tell me ... how is your writing life going?