Monday, July 6, 2015

the giveaway winners & other things

Picture me standing here a little shamefacedly because I never announced the giveaway winners properly. In my defense, my grandparents' wifi is very sad. And, as you assume, I was at their house this weekend for the Fourth, and we were very busy. Surely you must understand.

All that aside, you likely found out who the winners are already, but if not ...


Kirsten F.


Alicia R. !!

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I hope you both enjoy your Kindle copies of Ain't We Got Fun!

Because I seem to be the queen of posts full of random updates, continue reading to ... well, see a post full of random updates. (Sheesh, for an author, you'd think I'd churn out more original blog posts.)


I'm certain you all remember the very big giveaway Emily Ann and I hosted during Ain't We Got Fun's release. Elizabeth Anne D. won. And, with absolutely no prodding from us, she recently posted a most delightful review on her blog of our book. (She also sports Bess' flowered headband, and she does so adorably!) Here's a snippet if you're not sold yet:

The Rowland sisters felt so real to me that I wanted to jump into the book and have coffee with Gi and discuss Little Women with Bess.

And I haven't even mentioned the supporting characters. A lot of times authors pay so little attention to the supporting characters that no matter how realistic the main characters are, the story doesn't seem quite convincing. Emily and Emily gave even the smallest character life ...


You have no idea how badly I want to be writing again. I'm currently researching the War of 1812. I won't say anything more, but a plot is taking shape. Whether God will shower me with inspiration and a steady flow of words for this lump of an idea, I don't know. But I thought I'd let you know where I'm currently heading. Prayers would be appreciated as well. If I do dive into this, it will be the most challenging novel I have yet written. 

Tell me ... how is your writing life going?


  1. Yay for plotting a book! I'm currently plotting out a book idea I had and it's gone wonderful so far. This story idea definitely feels as if I am only "Taking Dictation" ... ;) That quote Emily Ann uses for her blog has become one of my favorites (^_^) Enjoy your research and plotting!

    1. I love that quote, too!! And that's great that you're plotting a book as well. :) This stage of writing really is a lot of fun. It's like piecing together a puzzle.

  2. Oh! I can't wait to hear more about your book! I'm currently writing a historical fiction/fantasy book. I kind of have an idea of where it's going, but not really because I'm a bit of a pantser... And I'm glad you liked my review, it was the least I could do after that amazing giveaway. (-:

    1. For me, my best writing tends to start out with very vague ideas. Funny how things work. Maybe such will be the same for you and your fantasy/historical fiction! (Speaking of, that sounds very intriguing.) :) Thanks again for the review!