Friday, August 21, 2015

summer's close

images via pinterest
cookies n' cream ice cream

high school musical

busy mornings & afternoons at the cafe

gently purring ceiling fans

bare feet

unfinished books

wishful thinking

the dick van dyke show

juicy watermelon

tears spurred by sermons

family family family

ain't we got fun reviews

getting stranded while hiking

lots of talking about things

post-recital roses

messy rooms

front-row tickets to newsies

pizza nights

fireworks-less fourth of july

learning forgiveness

new beginnings

this was my summer.

Monday, August 17, 2015

and then there's me

What have I been up to lately? Let me tell you a thing.

I have been ...

:: Working at my work. (I work at a cafe. In the same cafe, I ran across a fellow that has basically become Jeremiah Frost. Cafes are good places to work for writing inspiration.)

:: Speaking of Jeremiah Frost, I co-wrote a short story about him with my friend, Andrew. I've discovered that collaborating with friends to create stories is much more fun than writing alone.

:: Speaking of collaborating with friends, Emily Ann and I are currently working on a project that we can't tell you about yet because we like keeping secrets. My sincere apologies.

:: Speaking of Emily Ann, she and I have decided to bring back the class from the 40's. Anyone want to join us? No better place to start than hair. Em did a post on how to use foam curlers to create a classic 40's look, so go check it out!

:: Speaking of "class of so-and-such"... I'm heading off to college soon! That could either benefit or not benefit my writing on here. Stick around and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully I won't forget about it.

:: Speaking of "forget about it" ...

:: And that wraps up this post, I suppose. Remember, kids ... Studio C, good writing friends, and cafes will get you far in life. This has been wisdom with Emily. You are dismissed.

Monday, August 10, 2015

corroded thorns | review

Author :: Emma Clifton

Summary :: A fairy godmother—in prison? Madeline can’t remember even being a fairy godmother, let alone doing something bad enough to land her in a cell. When a mysterious lady sends her back to her old village with cryptic instructions and no answers to her many questions, Madeline must find a way to free her father, who has been imprisoned in a tower by a terrible beast.

First banished by his father the king, then cursed by an angry fairy, Prince Darcy will do anything to escape this fate and achieve revenge and power. Just when he thinks his chance has arrived, by some cruel trick of fate a girl from his past returns and once again wreaks havoc on his life. Worse still, he begins to question what he truly desires.

First line :: Someone had come to visit.

Last word :: That.

My thoughts :: It's no secret that I am a fan of the prequel, Broken Glass. So when Corroded Thorns was announced, I was unquestionably excited.

The story does not disappoint. A deeper, darker magic than that of the prequel makes its grand entrance into this story, along with all of the goodies called love and betrayal and greed and hope. A conniving queen, a confused and rejected village girl, and the greed of a broken prince collide in a larger than life game, fashioned among the sprites, that sets lives at risk and the fates of kingdoms in jeopardy.

It's short, fast-paced, and undeniably sweet and sinister in turns. All together, it's a clever Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Corroded Thorns is certainly worth your time.

Pros :: Exciting plot, sparkling new and old characters, descriptive worlds, and unique settings.

Cons :: Sometimes the plot felt a bit haphazard and thrown together, and it was very fast-paced. But that didn't keep me from enjoying the story.

Recommended age :: All ages! (There is death and mildly creepy aspects, however, so a sensitive child may have a more difficult time taking it in.)

Rating :: Four stars. It was a fun and entertaining read.