this enchanted corner

I have forgotten.

I've forgotten the gentle joys of putting out a hand into the vague space of blogging and embracing other lives and kindred spirits. I've forgotten the thrill of having my own stories invading the worlds within the worlds of other humans. I've forgotten to keep contact with those whom I haven't met in person. I've even forgotten to keep in contact with Em! my own dear Em!

Here's an open apology to you and you. I confess I do not know when I will meet with you again. Perhaps in a month, perhaps in a year, perhaps two. Writing has slipped to the very back crevices of my mind, and my thoughts are enthroned Elsewhere.

I have forgotten, but I will never truly forget. Someday my weary feet will trod back to this cozy corner of the worlds. Someday I will ease myself down in front of the soothing fire, and I will write again. I will write to you, and I will write of far-off, imagined places. For now, I am on an adventure. And I don't know when I'll return.

Here's my last smattering of ink. Here's my last drop of tea, my last shred of cyber paper, my last train of thoughts to the blogging world.

Bess and Gi will continue to be with you, in the form of Ain't We Got Fun. Hope and John will ever remain in their simple Cry of Hope. Characters such as Chet and Genevieve, Dani and Ashlee, and Jeremiah Frost will live among the archives of Entirely Bonkers, making mischief in their happy imprisonment.

And I will return.

Until then, adieu.