accidental fright

"Do you think they'll notice?" I whispered to Chet, grabbing his arm in the shadows. Just around the corner, I heard the muffled voices of ghost-enshrouded children. Happy, young, and just pretty enough to receive free candy.

"Nah," my best friend replied, his lazily unshaved face hidden behind a jack o' lantern mask. "You're short enough, and my acting skills are superb."

"Superbly awful," I corrected and shivered. Trick-or-treating becomes a bit too eccentric once you hit a certain age, and I suspected Chet and I were well past that cut-off mark. And though we may be outside our country, we still didn't necessarily want to make fools of ourselves.

Not collecting free candy, however, was not an option.

"Ready?" I whispered.

"Always," Chet replied jovially, sounding a bit snarky from behind that plastic mask. We slipped out of the shadows and jumped back as the flock of child-ghosts screamed. We'd popped right out in front of them, I guess. An oversized pumpkin and Hermione Granger's doppleganger were perhaps a smidgen frightening materializing out of the shadows.

"Sorry," I hissed frantically to the ghosts. "So sorry."

Chet rolled his head around in such an inhuman way that even I grew queasy, and the ghosts vanished down the well-lit British street.

"Good going, pumpkin head," I said sarcastically. "Way to blow our cover."

"It's Halloween, Viv," he snorted.

We approached the candle-lit step calmly, and I sprang forward to knock. "Trick or treat!" I trilled. I had years of experience.

The door opened slowly. Eerily, almost.

"Hello," a greasy voice oozed, and my heart leapt to my throat.

It wasn't the little old witches that had answered the door to the ghosts. It was a vampire. Blood trickled down the handsome man's lips, glowing in the dim light. His eyes were rimmed with red, and there was a positively wild expression on his face.

"Come in, come in," he wheezed, and he reached out his cold, slimy hand. I screamed as he grabbed my wrist, forcefully dragging me inside.


The next thing I knew, the vampire was blinking dizzily from the ground. I stared in shock. Someone grabbed my shoulders, and I jumped, but it was only Chet, breathing heavily. He had slugged him. He had slugged the vampire with his empty bucket.

"You alright?" he muttered in my ear.

"Y-yeah," I warbled. "B-but... what did you..."

"Let's get out of here," Chet said, grabbing my hand with his familiarly warm one. He ripped off his mask, turning one last time to the dark house. "Try messing with my girl again."

The vampire glowered at him, but didn't so much as whine as we left.

"What happened to the little old witches?" I whispered, leaning heavily on his arm as we marched off down the street.

"You chose the wrong house, Genevieve," Chet said, laughing at me. "The witches were across the street."

And due to the unforeseen scare, we decided to go to the supermarket and safely purchase candy instead.


  1. I agree that trick-r-treating is a bit eccentric once you hit a certain age. However, if they made handing out candy to little kids a full time job, I'd do it for free.

  2. They're back!!!! I love this. I've really missed your writing, Bess!! =)

    1. Yes, they're back! I'm so glad they're back. And I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks so much, Gi!!

  3. Hahaha CUTE. I like these people. :) (Also, do I take it you've now read Harry Potter??)

    1. Aww, THANKS. ;) I like these people too. And yes, I've now read Harry Potter, and I la-la-love it! I've only read up to the Order of the Phoenix at this point, but I'm itching to read the final two! I'm also really tired of stumbling across spoilers on the internet (thanks a lot, internet). ;)

  4. <3 This is so fabulous. The funny thing is, I would totally do something like this. I I must just be a bit eccentric... XD

    1. Oh, I totally would, too. This entire scene could be a scene out of my life, practically. ;) Thanks, Elizabeth!