a moment

Taking a moment out of finals week to breathe and to note that:

The sky is robin's egg blue // the birds are singing // pizza and potatoes are cooking // La La Land is sitting, brand spanking new, on my desk // a warm breeze is drifting through // the windows are wide open // the bath tub is turning brown from washing little bare feet // the television chatters with Clifford the Big Red Dog // the tree branches sigh in the wind // the screen door slides and clacks // my phone buzzes with short, rosy texts  // there is grace to cover every single one of my nasty sins // & summer is coming, coming, coming.

 "how does a moment last forever?
how can a story never die?
it is love we must hold on to,
never easy, but we try."

To the college students cramming for finals and to everyone else hurrying, hurrying, hurrying through this even swifter life: take a moment. Breathe. Be. Life is short, but we needn't dwell on the shortness. Just breathe. Thank the Lord for joy. Be.