smiles were made, dear, for people like us

In true Emily Chapman fashion, I missed Ain't We Got Fun's two-year birthday yesterday. Let's pause for a moment. Yesterday marks two years since my dear friend and co-author Emily Ann Putzke and I published our 1930's epistolary novella. Since then, Ain't We Got Fun has popped up for sale on countless internet bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and of course, Amazon. Shout out to every follower of Second Star who has read our little story! And shout out to those first readers, who read Ain't We Got Fun when we posted them in raw installments back in January of 2015.

To celebrate, Emily (or as I still call her, Gi) and I have placed the eBook version of Ain't We Got Fun on sale for a mere 99 cents. Consider it a thank you from us to you for all the love and support you have showered on us since the beginning! And spread the word! The more who read our story the merrier! (Also a review or two on Goodreads or Amazon would be welcomed cough cough shameless plug cough.)


love, Bess