Hi, I'm Emily!

I like writing stories, listening to music with deep words, and fueling my creativity by imagining tales about the strangers I meet on the street. This blog welcomes all of my color-spattered other-worlds where reality and my imagination often meet, colliding in a cascade of flash fiction that I post only very sporadically. This blog often supports talented indie authors and sometimes shares hints of the personal struggles my INFP self finds in the wide, wide world around me.

I love chick flicks, cold watermelon, Ben Rector, Broadway musicals, everything vintage, classics and children's books, good good food, Jim Halpert, breath-taking mountain views, swing dancing, laughing too hard, wearing ribbons in my hair, running through sprinklers in the summertime, and visiting Narnia. And so so much more. I'm wholly a dreamer and wholly in love with people when my introvert side isn't acting up. Ultimately, I am wholly saved by the grace of Jesus, and I look to Him to find my purpose and peace.

Second Star is sporadic. You'll find that the stories often come in waves, and several times, recurring characters will appear in their quirky glories. I hope you'll stick around despite the madness of flying books and shooting stars. Please stop and say hi! I'll be delighted to welcome you to my tiny blogging community.